Virat Kohli studded 45th century, Anushka Sharma gave a loving reaction

During the match, Virat Kohli scored a century while playing his innings,

Anushka was also very happy to see this. She congratulated her hubby by posting a story on Instagram.

Anushka was also watching Virat's match on TV. Wife Anushka's love also blossomed after husband's century.

The actress clicked husband Virat's photo from TV and updated it in the story. On this, he also pasted the emoji of a big heart.

When Virat completed 100 runs in the match, Anushka congratulated her husband in her own way.

Anyway, the fans have lost their hearts on this couple. Everyone is liking this reaction of Anushka.

Please tell me, Virat is in Guwahati these days. Where the one-day match is being played between Sri Lanka and India.

Virat completed his 45th century in the match played against Sri Lanka.

It is believed that the beginning of the year 2023 has been strong for Virat.

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