Urfi Javed's designer got to know

Urfi Javed is known for her extrarangi style. Seeing his clothes, everyone holds his head.

 Although Urfi designs her own clothes, she also has a designer who further promotes her quirky style.

Urfi Javed's clothes are designed by Shweta Gurmeet Kaur. Shweta Urfi is also a very good friend of Javed, Urfi and Shweta are often seen partying together. 

However, you will be surprised to know that Shweta gives a tough competition to Urfi in terms of boldness.

Who does not remember this pink cutout dress of Urfi Javed. The knots in this dress had attracted the attention of the people. 

But Shweta was also seen wearing this dress and the look of both of them became very viral on social media.

This printed bikini was very nice over the urfi and this bikini was also designed by Shweta. 

Not only this, Shweta also flaunted her beauty by wearing this bikini set. Her fans were blown away by this look of Shweta.

Urfi Javed's pink dress had made a lot of headlines.

 In this look, everyone was seen praising Urfi and this look was also designed by the actress' friend Shweta. Shweta herself also carried this dress well.

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