Today's Horoscope 23 December 2022 , Friday


You will get the fruits of hard work completely. The judicial side will be strong. There will be money gain.


Good behaviour can further enhance your personality. Control your anger by understanding the feelings of your family.


Will not be able to achieve the prescribed success in the works. Avoid debating on such contentious issues,


A sudden romantic encounter can create confusion for you. The absence of your beloved can make your heart fragile today.


You will get stuck money on making efforts. Your attractive behaviour will attract the attention of others towards you.


Today, there is a need to take careful steps. Where the mind should be used more than the heart. Keep the journey postponed today.


Work will be accomplished with political cooperation. Due to not having timely food and adequate sleep, the body will feel unwell.


There is also a possibility of going abroad. A visit to a religious place will increase the truthfulness. Still take care of your health.


you will feel attraction towards the person of the opposite sex. The obstacle of business will be removed and there will be success.


You will get less fruit according to hard work. Do not argue with your spouse due to misunderstanding.


Today, giving time to the family will bring joy. Traders will benefit in business. Partnership will prove beneficial.


There will be benefits from children and wife. Travel is likely to be organised. Avoid conflict with family members.

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