This is Ranbir and Alia's plan after Brahmastra

Alia Bhatt is currently pregnant and two of her films are getting ready for release in the coming months.

Now quoting the close of the pair, there is news in the media that in the coming time Ranbir-Alia want to do some films together.

In particular, he is interested in romantic comedies.

According to sources, both were planning to do films other than Brahmastra for a long time.

But till the release of this film, he kept himself from signing another film.

He wanted to see the response of Brahmastra first. He is happy with the response received by the duo.

If sources are to be believed, many producers-directors had approached Ranbir-Alia during the making of Brahmastra.

But both of them told him no. He believed that after Brahmastra, he would have more and better offers than before.

Both are especially looking for a film which is a romantic comedy.

If such an offer comes to him, then surely he will give a positive answer to it.

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