Jelly Roll's stardom shines, hometown crowd at Bridgestone Arena in awe

The sold-out performance by Jelly Roll at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena marked a turning

point in the revival of country and rock music as a source of mainstream pop superstars.

Once upon a time, becoming a popular music sensation might be ensured by being

the long-haired son of a sinner who needed to be saved from himself.

Seven decades have passed since those individuals who fit that description were often

slick hillbillies with jelly-roll pompadours who swiftly merged the genres of soul,

gospel, pop, and rock by utilising slang from disenfranchised socioeconomic and cultural groups.

The first song Jelly Roll played on Lower Broadway on Friday night following openers Parmale

extolled the virtues of sipping a potent concoction of Actavis cough syrup and

soda while smoking pungent cannabis in the faces of his critics.

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