Taylor Swift slams 'Shake It Off' copyright lawsuit

August 10, Washington (US): American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has been accused of copying the words of her popular song "Shake It Off".

A copyright complaint alleging that has received a response from their legal team.

According to Fox News, Swift has been accused of allegedly plagiarizing the words to the 2000 song "Plus Gone Play" by Sean Hall and Nathan Butler.

Now, a new court document says Swift single-handedly composed 2014's "Shake It Off,"

And Swift's attorney accused Hall and Butler of profiting from the song's massive success.

Swift said in a statement that she was only 11 years old when "Plus Gone Play" was published

And she wasn't allowed to watch MTV's "Total Request Live" music video countdown show,

until she was "about 13 years old". According to Fox News.

Swift's mother, Andrea Swift, made a statement in support of this,

In which he claimed that the media was closely monitored at his daughter's house.

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