Sean McDermott, Jordan Poyer have positive updates on Dane Jackson

There is no official team statement yet regarding the injury status of Buffalo Bills cornerback Dane Jackson.

At least after what happened Bill was positive to note from the locker room.

Jackson and Bills linebacker Tremaine Edmonds collided while attempting a tackle near halftime against the Tennessee Titans in Week 2.

Edmonds accidentally snaps Jackson's head back in a strange fashion.

Thankfully there was a good sign right away. Many watched Jackson move on right after the hit, allaying the all-natural fear that comes with a neck injury.

During the 41–7 victory, the team announced that Jackson was being taken to the hospital. The Bills confirmed that Jackson had a movement at the time.

During his post-game press conference, Buffalo head coach Sean McDermott did it again.

"Words still waiting," McDermott began. "Dane has, I think, full movement in his hands, which is good."

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