Scarlett Johansson Breaks Silence On Her ‘Bombshell-Type Actor’ Image Initially After Taking Up S*xy Movie Roles

One of Hollywood's most versatile actresses, Scarlett Johansson has demonstrated both

her acting prowess and ability to carry out appropriate action scenes.

Well, Black Widow is one of our favourite superheroes, so how can she not be

the queen of our hearts? Scarlett, however, recently discussed how actors were objectified

by directors and how they thought she was overly sexualized. Even the possible causes were discussed.

To learn more, scroll down below For a very long time, Scarlett portrayed a character

that men would lust over. Even her Marvel character had a like-looking drawing.

The actress discussed how she attempted to make some adjustments during the recent talk.

Scarlett Johansson discussed how she was trained to be a "bombshell actor"

on the Bruce Bozzi podcast "Table for Two," saying, "I kind of became, like, an ingénue.

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