Pat Sajak Mocks Contestant After Her ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fumble

Pat Sajak isn't holding back at all in this. The Wheel of Fortune host recently made fun of a viewer on camera after she blew it while trying to solve a challenge.

Pat Sajak has received criticism from fans in recent years for his attitude while acting. They don't always like the way he interacts with the audience or Vanna White. 

However, many found the most recent instance to be exceedingly embarrassing. Read on to learn more about what occurred.

Pat Sajak, the host of Wheel of Fortune, wants people to know that he is a kind person. His words and deeds occasionally contradict this picture, though. 

In fact, he has a history of being downright unpleasant. He frequently makes jokes about other people, which sometimes offends the audience.

The visitor in the show struggled mightily to solve the last task. She just couldn't figure it out, but it ended up being "sweet and fuzzy."

However, Pat Sajak chose to thoroughly roast the visitor rather than showing sympathy for the competitor.

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