Paris Hilton released a new version of her hit song Stars Are Blind

Paris Hilton has taken the music world by storm with her celebrated career as a pop star.

He presented some special and most memorable songs. The popular number 'Stars Are Blind' which was released in 2006

continues to have a strong fan base even after 16 years of its release. On Friday, December 30,

Paris Hilton announced with an Instagram post that the "fresh" version of her 2006 hit number Stars Are Blind is finally out.

Along with a special note to his fans, the pop star also shared a picture and video of his new album

and its commercials from New York Times Square on his Instagram handle.

Paris Hilton has dropped an updated version of Stars Are Blind (Paris Edition). Interestingly,

Paris Hilton said that she plans to resume her career as a pop singer in 2023. Paris Hilton has thanked everyone who has supported her music career.

I literally have the best fans on the planet and love seeing all of your posts about the new song.

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