Jordan Peterson breaks down in tears over Olivia Wilde’s ‘insane’ comments

During an interview, Dr. Jordan Peterson sobbed when talking about the remarks made against him by Olivia Wilde.

The actress and director said in an interview with Interview Magazine about her most recent movie Don't Worry Darling that Chris Pine's character Frank was based on the Canadian psychotherapist.

According to the source, "We modeled that persona on this crazy individual, Jordan Peterson, who is this pseudo-intellectual idol to the incel movement."

Incels are "disenfranchised, largely white guys who feel they are entitled to sex from women," the celebrity claimed.

Because Jordan Peterson is a former professor, an author, and a man in a suit, some people believe that he legitimizes some components of the incel movement and that they should be treated seriously.

Flash users may see an episode of Piers Morgan Uncensored when the polarizing psychologist was questioned about how he felt about Wilde modeling a "insane" persona after him.

The incel subculture, which is made up of these strange, reclusive individuals who are terrible in many ways, has a pseudo-intellectual idol in this sick man. 

Are you there? The Sky News anchor questioned, "Are you the intellectual hero to these people?

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