Inside Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Georgia Wedding: All the Guests Wear White

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck don't believe in the cliché that wedding guests should never wear white. They insist in their position!

According to ET, everyone attending the couple's second wedding on Saturday at Affleck's mansion in Riceborough, Georgia, will be dressed in white.

"Guests were gathering at the Perry Lane Hotel [in Savannah] to attend Jennifer and Ben's wedding," an eyewitness told ET.

The insider also added, "Everyone wears white, with most women wearing white dresses and gowns

And most men are dressed in white suits, made mostly of linen material, but a wider range of attire is permitted.

Some men are in white shorts and sneakers and there's a female guest in a white fringe leather jacket and sparkly cowboy hat."

Sounds like a blast! In fact, while guests were at the reception desk waiting for shuttles provided by Coastal Limo, 

 a source tells ET that a hotel staff member entered the lobby and popped a bottle of champagne.

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