CJ Perry apologizes for tweeting homeless man

After commenting on a homeless man's message on Twitter, CJ Perry apologized in a (now-deleted) statement.

The ex Lana criticized her on Twitter, saying "keep going when you're homeless" and everyone "ignores you" and "what you had before,

Reminds me of "you have a gadget to tweet" after retweeting a comment on how difficult it is to tweet.

In response to the backlash on Twitter, Perry released some now-deleted tweets, initially saying

“Let me clarify something on a tweet that is happening all around. Most people are unaware of my two stints as a homeless person chasing big aspirations.

Being homeless myself, I have great compassion for others. But I am grateful because I had a phone to tweet."

Perry commented, "I realize my Eastern European heritage and the motivational speech didn't strike a chord with many of you.

Because my ballet teachers "trusted me," they beat me as a kid and teen and threw shoes at me.

If I came across as insensitive and did additional damage, I apologize.

In the best way I knew how, I really tried to inspire.

Something I failed, and I'm sorry. It always helped when others did it to me, but in this case, it's clear it didn't. I apologize for this.

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