‘Charlie’s Angels’ star Jaclyn Smith, 77, does flirty workout with husband

After more than 20 years of marriage, Jaclyn Smith and her husband Brad Allen are still

looking for ways to spice up both their gym regimen and their relationship.

The "Charlies Angles" actor posted a video of their preferred PDA-packed exercises on Instagram on Tuesday.

The 77-year-old captioned a video of herself performing crunches while straddling the doctor,

We decided to step it up a notch with our workouts! She said accompanying

another video showing the couple kissing while performing modified push-ups,

It's hard to remain motivated to work out during the Christmas season,

but Brad and I have discovered a way to have a few laughs while also getting a workout in!

Smith also performed squats and kickbacks while perched on Allen's shoulders, finishing with a kiss.

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