Austin Butler Is A Mega Heartthrob In Sultry 'SNL' Promo... Until He's Not

The ELVIS actor is getting ready to host Saturday Night Live this weekend for the

final show of the year, and the promo video only serves to further demonstrate

his status as the ultimate hottie. as long as he isn't. Butler is greeted by a crew worker who

nervously tells him that he will impersonate a "Christmas goblin" as he moves slowly

toward the SNL stage while the wind blows over his hair. Butler is covered with a terrifying

mask by a different crew member, but he maintains his composure the entire time.

We should proceed, he adds. Lizzo, standing in for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, will perform music for

Butler's SNL debut. According to the band, guitarist Nick Zinner is recuperating from pneumonia.

Lizzo said on social media that it was an honour to replace the Yeah Yeah Yeahs,

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