Who are Safari and Kimbella? Whose private video has been leaked on Twitter.

Safari, a reality TV personality, and his alleged girlfriend Kimbella recently posted a private video of him on social media.

Some people questioned whether his ex-wife Erica Mena had made a video of these two.

A fan questioned, "Am I the only one who knows Erica released this?

I'm scared of these people."

We all know Erica's motivation for this leak, and it could backfire, said the second person who responded.

It's been a lot longer than usual since the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta actor and his alleged girlfriend Kimbella made headlines.

The major argument between him and his wife, Erica Mena, is one of the major factors attracting the attention of the couple.

Erica referred to Safari's new love interest Matos as a prostitute earlier this year.

Not only this, but as long as the two were married, he clapped for her to date.

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