Anya Taylor-Joy got upstaged by her cat on Mad Max prequel Furiosa I was not the rock star

By : Bollywood Bus

In George Miller's Furiosa, a prequel to 2015's Mad Max

Fury Road, Anya Taylor-Joy is given the lead role.

Taylor-new Joy's cat Kitsune, who she acquired earlier this year  

when she relocated Down Under to shoot the movie, had to compete for attention

when she arrived on the Australian set of the post-apocalyptic action flick.

Oh, I wasn't the movie's rock star. Of course it was Kitsune says Taylor-Joy.

People would mutter, "Did she bring the cat? She apparently brings the cat.

I'm tall, but I'm also rather little, which is odd. It's a beast, my cat. He is large.

So it feels amazing to kind of enter the room like a snow leopard.

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