Anne Heche final autopsy report shows no evidence of illegal drugs in system at time of crash

By : Bollywood Bus

There is no proof that Anne Heche was under the influence of illegal drugs when

she ploughed her automobile into a Los Angeles home on August 5 despite allegations to the contrary.

Heche's final autopsy report, which also contains toxicological findings,

was obtained by Yahoo Entertainment. A blood test performed at the hospital

revealed that the actress had benzoylecgonine, an inactive form of cocaine.

According to the Los Angeles medical examiner, that suggests prior usage.

Results also revealed past marijuana usage, although not at the scene of the accident.

Heche's system also showed no signs of alcohol. An photograph that

appeared to show a liquor bottle in the front seat of the actress' car

fuelled rumours that she was drunk at the time of the collision.

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