Angela is leaving the Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club, iHeart Media's long-running and popular morning radio show, Is Going Nowhere,

But one of the three hosts certainly will.

Angela Yee, who co-hosted The Breakfast Club with DJ Envy (real name Rashoon Casey) and Charlemagne Tha God (real name Lenard McKelvey),

She revealed Wednesday morning that she will be stepping down from the program this autumn to host her own radio show. 

"I'm leaving the breakfast club," I said. I will have my own daily schedule, but it will be a different version of The Breakfast Club," Yi said.

"I honestly can't believe this is happening, it's so exciting,"

Yee said that the specifics of her new show, such as the start date, airtime, and number of markets will be syndicated,

Still work being done. She didn't say when she would do her last Breakfast Club show.

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