Amber Heard: This actress has to pay compensation to her ex-husband, adult web site offered $9 Million for her film

Hollywood actress Amber Heard is in trouble after losing her case for the article she wrote against her ex-husband in 2018.

According to the court order, she has to pay a compensation of $9 Million to her ex-husband.

They are getting different offers to repay the money.

The matter of divorce, defamation and compensation of Hollywood actress Amber Heard and actor Johnny Depp has been in discussion all over the world for a long time.

Amber Heard lost the case in court and the court ordered her to pay compensation of $10.35 million (over Rs 82 crore) to her ex-husband for defamation.

Amber has said that she does not have that much money.

In such a situation, different types of proposals are coming from all over the world to pay the compensation amount in front of Amber.

A man from Dubai recently sent an offer to this beautiful actress that if he marries her then all his problems will be solved.

Similarly, an adult website has said that if Amber does an adult film for her, then she is ready to pay nine million dollars (about Rs 72 crore).

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