Actor Matthew Perry did not die in accident as Twitter spreads confusion

American actor Matthew Perry is trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons hours before he turns a year older

Because fans are worried seeing the rumors that he died in an accident.

Due to their dramatic headlines, many celebrities have fallen prey to widespread online fraud. YouTuber Shane Dawson passed away on his special day just a month ago.

Social media rumors that Friends actor Matthew is no longer alive are the product of a serious mistake.

The false information about the FRIENDS star that is being circulated online has concerned fans.

The actor is still alive and well in 2022, so his fans have nothing to worry about.

Many people seem to have mistook him for a man of the same name who tragically passed away on 17 August.

According to M Live, another Matthew Perry was killed in a car accident.

According to the source, 49-year-old Matthew Perry of Bangor was riding a motorcycle and was declared brought dead on the spot.

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