75-year-old singer has such a disease, one leg is smaller than the other

Singer Iggy Pop, 75, went shirtless, but why is one leg shorter than the other?

Hollywood’s famous pop singer Iggy Pop was seen performing shirtless in his new concert.

Fans liked this style of 75-year-old Iggy. Iggy Pop is suffering from a condition called Scoliosis.

In this, the spinal cord of a person is curved, which affects the size of his body.

Hollywood’s famous singer Iggy Pop is in the headlines. Iggy Pop performed shirtless in Switzerland on Wednesday evening.

Fans got to see this sight at the Venoge Festival held in Penthaz, Switzerland.

75-year-old Iggy, who sang the song Lust for Life, was seen in a lot of enthusiasm.

He performed his tremendous hit songs on the stage and was seen dancing all over the stage.

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