Viruman Movie Music & Trailer Release – Interesting Facts!

Viruman Movie Music & Trailer Release – Interesting Facts!

The music launch and trailer launch of the movie Viruman was held at a private wedding hall in KK Nagar, Madurai.

Interesting information about Viruman music and trailer launch event held in Madurai.

The music launch and trailer launch of Virumaan, the upcoming movie starring Karthi and produced by actor Surya, was held at a private wedding hall in KK Nagar, Madurai.

Member of Parliament S. Venkatesan, directors Bharathiraja, Shankar, Muthiah, actors Surya, Karthi, Suri, Illasasu, Singambuli, music composer Yuvan Shankar Raja, actress Aditi, Vadikukarasi and others participated in the ceremony.

As the film is based on Madurai soil, all the crew including Suriya, Karthi, Yuvan Shankar Raja were present at the function in Veshti shirts.

Member of Parliament S. Venkatesan speaking,

“If a festival is a success in Madurai, it is a victory for Tamil Nadu. This is a festival held after Suriya won the National Award. The National Award has come late for him. Suriya has won the National Award for the film as a man from Madurai. It is a matter of pride.

The concern they show in the community off-screen is just as important as on-screen. Especially those who are more involved in fields like education and agriculture. Both Surya and Karthi are considered as one of the household members in Tamil Nadu. Surya’s contribution in providing food to one and a half lakh people in the Annavasal project in Madurai during the Corona period was important,” he said.

Director Shankar said, “Though the story of Viruman is not known, I am confident because it is produced by Suriya. As an individual, Suriya is voicing good things like agriculture and education. Karthi should also get a national award soon. My daughter Aditi Shankar is a great entrepreneur. Fans should nurture her.” .

Director Bharathiraja said, “Madurai soil is famous for its taste. If a film is enjoyed in Madurai, it will be enjoyed all over the world. Viruman film will also be enjoyed by everyone. Aditi has done a great job in Viruman. He has a great future. After Parthiveeran, I am amazed to see Karthik’s performance in this film. Karthi is going to go somewhere in the Tamil film industry. .

It was Suriya who taught me how to act in the film Ayudha Khysho. Suriya stood up as Jaybhim even though there were many obstacles in the film industry. He earns in cinema and does benefits through the foundation. I want to use golds like Suriya and Karthi in films, let’s see.” he said

Music composer Yuvan Shankar Raja said,

“Thanks to Suriya and Karthi, we have worked together after a long time. I have done a film with Muthiah for the first time. Everyone has acted well in this film.

Karthi and Surya have been friends since school. I first had Suriya sing in Anjaan with my music. I will make him sing some more songs. I will soon conduct a concert in Madurai,” he said.

Director Muthiah said, “It is a great pleasure to hold the audio release of Naan Naman Manil in Madurai. Thank you to everyone who acted in this film.

Aditi’s debut is a special of this film. After Karthi Mani Ratnam sir, he has acted in two films under my direction.

Down-to-earth films that talk about relationships are few and far between. My wish is that directors should take interest in it.

Even though my father told me that only one in a million can succeed in cinema, I set foot in cinema. It is an honor to have my parents on this platform,” he said.

Actor Karthi said, “Madurai gave me an identity. Aamir sir created me in this Madurai. I wanted to act in village-based films, so I acted in the second film with Muttiah. When I told this story, I agreed to act in the film as soon as I was told that the father is the villain in the film.

It was Yuvan who gave me a big identity through Barutiveeran. I have said that this film should become a blockbuster. I have also joined the production of Annan Suriya after Kadakutty Singham. Thanks to the land of Madurai,” he said.

Actor Surya said, “I will always be bound by the love of Madurai fans. I often come to Madurai with Yuvan Shankar Raja. I have had many beautiful experiences in Madurai as well as Coimbatore. There are so many stories around Madurai. These are not stories but realities.

My friend MB Venkatesan, author of Kavalkottam, Velbari novels and the main icon of Tamil Nadu, is glad to have come. Venkatesan was able to reflect the thoughts of the people of Madurai. We will be working with him soon.

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