Vijay TV serial actress sudden video: shock complaint against husband Best

Vijay TV serial actress sudden video

Popular serial actress Divya

Popular serial actress Divya has created a sensation by posting a video of her romantic husband Arnav beating her. Actor Arnav denied this and filed a complaint against his wife at Avadi Police Commissionerate.

Vijay TV serial actress sudden video

Divya Sridhar

Divya Sridhar is an actress from Karnataka who is playing the lead role in the popular Malayalam channel ‘Sevvanti’ serial. He made his debut on the small screen with the serial ‘Keladi Kanmani’ in Tamil. Also, he has acted in the serial ‘Maharasi’.

Naina Mohammad from Pudukottai is playing the lead role in Vijay TV’s ‘Chellamma’ serial under the name of Arnav.

Vijay TV serial actress sudden video

In 2017, serial actress Divya and actor Arnav fell in love and lived together. Subsequently, both of them got married last June.

In this case, actress Divya posted a video of her husband Arnav beating her and causing a stir in the small screen circles.

Serial actress Divya also said that Arnav, who was out of work during the Corona period, took care of household expenses. However, Arnav said in the video that he was being beaten and tortured.

Actor Arnav denied this allegation. Also, Arnav has filed a complaint against Divya at Avadi Police Commissionerate.

Vijay TV serial actress sudden video

In it, Arnav said that Divya is currently pregnant and she has released this video from the hospital. Also, his claim that he assaulted Divya is completely false. CCTV footage proves that he is not at home. Divya plays a drama to abort the fetus. Arnav says that Divya complained because of wrong friends’ guidance.

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