Urfi Javed has become an adult star? Ex-girlfriend made serious allegations against Salman

Urfi Javed has become an adult star : On this day a video of Urfi Javed dominated the social media. On the other hand, Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend Somi Ali once again made serious allegations against him. complete information

Urfi Javed has become an adult star

Did Salman break a bottle on Ex girlfriend Somi Ali’s head? Broke silence after years, said – straight in ICU…

There was a time when Salman Khan and Somi Ali were in a relationship. Their relationship lasted for 8 years. But the truth of their relationship is coming out after years. Somi Ali has made many shocking revelations about Salman Khan. According to him, in this relationship of 8 years, he had only suffered torture. Salman had assaulted her. There were also reports that Salman had broken a bottle on Somi’s head. Somi has broken her silence on this claim.

‘Urfi Javed spreading obscenity on the streets of Mumbai’, BJP leader demands action

Social media influencer-actress Urfi Javed is once again seen embroiled in controversies. BJP leader Chitra Wagh has demand action against Urfi Javed. The BJP leader says that Urfi Javed is spreading obscenity on the streets of Mumbai. Distressed by Urfi’s antics, Chitra Wagh has met the Mumbai Police Commissioner.

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