Unni Mukundan turns singer for Shefeekkinte Santhosham: ‘Idea was to ensure that audience stays connected to the emotions of Shafeeq’

Unni Mukundan turns singer for Shefeekkinte Santhosham:

In the forthcoming Malayalam movie Shefeekkinte Santhosham, actor Unni Mukundan plays a singer. Three songs have been performed by the actor; two of them, “Khalbile Hoori” and “Ponpularikal Porunne,” have already been released. The third song has not yet been made public.

Although Unni has performed playback singing in the past, he says that in Shefeekkinte Santhosham it was crucial to do so in order to maintain the connection between the audience and the character.

Unni Mukundan says of singing for himself, “The basic objective was to describe every event that Shafeeq had via his voice. Let others appreciate Shafeeq’s feelings, both happy and negative, via his voice. Although a professional singer would have sung it far better, the goal was to keep the listener emotionally invested in Shafeeq’s voice and performance. Since I’ve tried playback singing in some of my previous movies, I figured it’ll be fantastic if I go forward with this. Although I believe it has for Shafeeq, it won’t work for all movies. We are very confident in this.

According to Unni, who has always had a passion for music, he “grew up listening to Yesudas sir and P. Jayachandran, M. G. Sreekumar during his infancy.” But because the actor spent 22 years living in Ahmedabad, he was also exposed to Hindi music.

Since I spent my infancy in Ahmedabad, I was more exposed to Ghulam Ali, Kishore Kumar, and Sonu Nigam before KK and all the other well-known singers… I have been greatly affected by all of these vocalists, claims Unni.

Unni Mukundan openly shares a fascinating fact. He proudly states, “He has only sang one song in Malayalam and it is picturized on me,” adding, “I am the only actor in Malayalam for whom Sonu Nigam has playbacked.”

Unni is talking about his 2011 directorial debut, Bombay March 12. The movie’s song “Chakkara Maavin” was sung by Sonu.

Shefeekkinte Santhosham is not only an actor and singer, but it also represents Unni Mukundan’s banner Unni Mukundan Productions’ second production following the 2021 movie Meypaddiyan. Being both a producer and an actress in the same film benefits Unni in several ways.

The Yashoda actor elaborates on this by saying, “As an actor it has actually eased off a lot of pressure from me because when you know that the movie is going to come out in a particular way and you know that you will be calling the shots. I believe I performed pretty well, and the teaser and trailer have received positive reviews.

The actor continues, “I appreciate the power-politics component because it really gives you the confidence to perform very well when you are in a position to make the decisions. Additionally, having to answer to the entire team has put a lot of pressure on me. I feel that taking on the producer’s role has really helped me, therefore I want to keep making movies and casting new actors.

Shefeekkinte Santhosham, which translates to “Happiness of Shafeeq,” claims that the innocence of Shafeeq and how nice a person he is demonstrate that it is acceptable to be a decent person in today’s society before providing any further details about the movie. Shafeeq is one of my most likeable characters, who will be appreciated by the audience. It will be a really lighthearted romantic comedy.

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