Today Petrol, Diesel Rate (4th October): Has petrol and diesel price changed today? Amazing

Petrol Diesel Price in Chennai

Petrol Diesel Price in Chennai – 4th October: Petrol diesel price in Chennai is selling at Rs.102.63 and Rs.94.24 per liter today for the 136th day.

Today Petrol, Diesel Rate (4th October)

4th October

Today Petrol, diesel Rate In Chennai, 4th October: The price of petrol, diesel and other fuels in India has increased beyond measure this year. It can be seen that people are greatly affected by this Oil companies set the price of petrol and diesel based on the price of crude oil prevailing in the international market and the value of the Indian rupee against the dollar.

oil companies are selling

Based on that, petrol and diesel prices in Chennai are being sold per liter (petrol- Rs. 102.63 and diesel- Rs. 94.24). In this case, for the 136th day today, oil companies are selling at the same price today without any change.

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