The Next 365 Days Review: The story is forgotten in the affair of sex, the film is useless

The Next 365 Days Review: Netflix’s new film is irritating, full of sex scenes, story missing

The Next 365 Days Review : When Netflix’s film The Next 365 Days was released, it was well-liked by the audience. Now taking advantage of the same choice, the makers have started releasing different parts of it. The new part of the film ‘The Next 365 Days’ is more rubbish than the first two. Read our review and know what is in the film.

The Next 365 Days Review

You must remember the Netflix film ‘365 Days’. Ho Bhi Kaise Na Netflix is ​​busy making one sequel after another of this film. Well another part of it has been released. The name of this movie is ‘The Next 365 Days’. And if I say that this part is more rubbish than the last two films, then I will not be wrong.

The first sequel of 365 Days was released 4 months ago. And now for the second time in a year another film has arrived. Watching this film full of no story, no good dialogues and sex scenes is a lot of hard work, which you probably shouldn’t do. From the beginning of the film to the end, you start feeling as if years have passed.

Both the films that came before this had set quite a low bar. But the matter of ‘The Next 365 Days’ is different. This film has thrown away only the stick of the bar. Earlier, ‘365 Days: This Day’ was termed as the worst film of the year. But this third part is more nonsense than that film. There is neither any story nor any sense in the film. There were at least a few twists and turns in the second film. Things revolved around gangster enmity. There is a rotten love triangle here that too boring which knows no bounds.

The story of 365 Days is based on Polish girl Laura (Anna Maria Siekluca) and Sicilian gangster Massimo (Michelle Morrone). Laura was shot in the previous film, but Massimo saved her life. Laura and Massimo’s relationship has deteriorated now and there is little chance of anything going right between the two. In such a situation, Laura decides to focus on her career again. But as soon as something goes right in Laura’s life, Nacho (Simone Susinna) returns. Nacho is the son of Massimo’s enemy gangster, who is in love with Laura. And Laura is starting to like him too. She also has strange dreams about him. Now Laura has to decide whether she wants to be with Nacho or with her toxic, controlling and abusive husband Massimo.

That’s all we have in the name of the story. This story is mixed between many steamy sex scenes, in which neither the characters get a chance to do anything new nor the audience is interested in watching the film. This is an erotic thriller film, which would be unfair to the thriller films. Because there is nothing to give thrill in this film.

If anyone is the most pointless out of the three films, then it is this film. Because the makers did not have anything special to show in this bad love triangle, so a lot of sex was added to it. Sex scenes are common for the 365 Days franchise. But a person looks for other things to see in the film. And that’s not a threesome at all between three useless characters.

The ending of this film does not end well, so you can understand how hard the writers must have worked. There was at least something in the second part of the franchise. But there is nothing in ‘The Next 365 Days’. Songs from all over the world have been put in this film from beginning to end, which will hurt your ears while listening. Even if this film was not made, nothing would have happened.


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