‘The forest has been burnt down’: Surya is waiting

Fans are posting on social media that Simbu’s ‘Vendhu Taninatha Kadu’, directed by Gautham Menon, is doing well.

So Simbu fans have said that like ‘Maanadu’, this too will succeed at the box office.

Suriya congratulated the team after posting that he was happy to hear the good comments about the film and is eagerly waiting to watch the film.

There was a problem at the last moment in releasing the film earlier. However, the film was released on time after efforts made by the production side.

While the movie ‘Vendhu Tananthu Kadu’ was released in more than 600 theaters around the world, a special screening was screened in Tamil Nadu and some foreign countries only in the early hours of yesterday morning. Simbu fans came in large numbers and saw the film and appreciated it.

A 19-year-old boy named Muthu goes to Mumbai in search of survival due to an accident. The story of the film is that the hero unexpectedly gets involved with a gang of thugs and later becomes one of such a gang himself.

In this, Siddhi Itnani plays the heroine and Radhika Sarathkumar plays the hero’s mother. Music by AR Rahman.


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