Tees Maar Khan Movie Review: Adi Sai Kumar’s ‘Tees Maar Khan’ Movie Review.. Routine Action Thriller..

Tees Maar Khan Movie Review: Adi Sai Kumar’s ‘Tees Maar Khan’ Movie Review.. Routine Action Thriller..

Tees Maar Khan Movie Review: Adi Saikumar is one of the heroes who always make successive films with hits and flops. Another movie from him this year is Tees Maar Khan. Tees Maar is a pure mass movie

Review: Tees Maar Khan

Cast : Adi Sai Kumar, Payal Rajput, Poorna, Sunil, Srikanth Iyengar, Anoop Singh Thakur, Kabir Singh, Poorna and others.

Tees Maar Khan Movie Review

Editor: Manikant
Cinematography: Bal Reddy
Music: Sai Karthik
Producer: Nagam Tirupathi Reddy
Directed by: Kalyan G Gogana
Release Date : 19-8-2022

Aadi Saikumar is one of the heroes who always make successive films with hits and flops without work. Another movie from him this year is Tees Maar Khan. Does Tess Maar Khan, which has come out as a pure mass film, really have the elements to attract the audience.. Does it have the potential to achieve commercial success..? What is Tess Mar Khan like?


Tees Mar Khan (Aadi) was an orphan. Another orphan Vasu (Poorna) has been his shadow companion since childhood. It is this that brings Mar Khan. Tees Maar Khan takes care of her like a mother. Mother does not tolerate any deficit. Such a mother gets married to Chakri (Sunil). On the other hand, Tees Maar Khan also falls in love with a girl named Anagha (Payal Rajput). Tees Mar Khan’s mother suddenly dies under suspicious circumstances just when life seems to be going smoothly. Jeeja (Anoop Singh Thakur) is suspected of the death. What happened after that.. Who killed his mother.. How does Tees Mar Khan kill her is the rest of the story..

As for article, technicians:

Tis Maar Khan is a combination of many Telugu movies so far. Kalyan wrote them for his film. His first film drama takes a different path. But this time Kalyan has written the story in a pure commercial route. The commercial elements were carefully calculated and taken by Tees Maar Khan. This will be understood after a while. He has also added the necessary spices for those who like mass movies. There are not many twists in the story. The story starts with the child episodes.. From there the hero orphan scenes.. Then the scenes with Purna go on like that. Adi Saikumar has played the role well. The character of the hero is like seen in many movies. It is a character that rotates without any weight obligations. As such character becomes a police officer. How he took revenge on those who killed his beloved mother is also routine, but the director tried to give it a commercial touch. The story of this movie is that Tees Maar Khan is responsible for Amma’s death. The story of the movie becomes emotional with the childhood experiences and hardships of Tees Maar Khan and Vasu. But it would have been better if they were driven more fast. The child episode seems like a stretch. There is no love track between Payal Rajput and Aadi. The events that take place after Purna’s death take a complete turn in the story. The interval comes with a twist that Tees Maar Khan will become a police officer. After that the story proceeds in the same routine format.

Music director Sai Karthik’s work is less impressive. His songs are limited but RR is good. Beach song picturized on Payal and Aadi is good. Cinematographer Bal Reddy’s performance is impressive.. It would have been better if editor Manikant had cut the scenes more sharply. The point taken by director Kalyan ji Gogana is good.. but he could not deal with it emotionally. The main story got sidetracked as the focus shifted to the mass action. Dr. Nagam Tirupati Reddy’s production values ​​are good. He is also impressive as an actor.


Adi Sai Kumar impressed once again. Every time he comes as a lover boy, this time he tried to prove himself as a mass hero. He has been successful in it to a large extent. Adi’s performance in Amma’s sentimental episodes is good. Payal Rajput’s glamor is the main attraction for Tees Maar Khan. Otherwise, she did not get the scope to act as the story revolved around the characters of Poorna, Sunil and Aadi. Kabir Khan, Anup Singh Thakur and Srikanth Iyengar’s roles are okay.

Plus points

Action scenes

Interval twist

Background score

Minus points

A story of routine

First off

Songs that break the flow of the story

Last word: Tees Maar Khan.. Another routine commercial entertainer

Rating: 2.5/5

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