This actress has suffered terror like Shraddha Murder Case, was about to kill her boyfriend after being beaten badly…

This actress has suffered terror like Shraddha Murder Case : Flora Saini Recalls Facing Domestic Violence Like Shraddha Murder Case Actress Flora Saini revealed a terrible incident that happened to her. When one night the live-in-partner of the actress was about to kill her after beating her badly.

This actress has suffered terror like Shraddha Murder Case

Actress Flora Saini, who has appeared in many Bollywood and South films, has made a shocking disclosure. The actress has revealed the horrific accident that happened to her, which is very similar to the recent Shraddha murder case. Like in this case, Flora Saini’s boyfriend had also threatened her that if she left him, he would kill the actress as well as her parents.

Stubbornly left the parental home

Flora Saini has revealed this horrifying incident in her latest interview. In a conversation with News18, the actress told that she had left her house insisting to be with boyfriend and producer Gaurang Doshi as her boyfriend had asked her to prove his love for her. The actress said that in the beginning Gaurang seemed such a sweet person that even her parents fell for her. Talking about the Shraddha murder case, the actress recalled the time when her boyfriend snatched her phone so that she could not contact anyone.

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Boyfriend beat badly in the first week itself

Expressing her pain, Flora said, “Your parents sense a storm coming. So did Shraddha’s case. They cut you off from your family first. I also left my house, and with her Within a week of my stay, he started beating me. I couldn’t understand why he was beating me all of a sudden, because I thought he was a very nice boy.”

Deadly attack and threat to kill parents

Flora further said that the matter had become so bad that when she talked about breaking up, her boyfriend had threatened to kill her parents as well. The actress said, “One night, he beat me so much that my jaw broke. He took his father’s picture and warned me that I swear on my father that I will kill you tonight. When he returned the photo frame, Turned back to keep it, then in that moment of a second my mother’s voice echoed in my ears that in such a delicate time you have to run – just run, don’t think whether to wear clothes or not, have money or not, just run. I ran out of there and ran to my house and decided that I would never go back.”

Received such attitude on going to the police station

After this incident, Flora went to the police station with her parents to file a complaint, but the police refused to register her complaint there. However, later she somehow managed to lodge a written complaint.

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