Seeing Bajrang Dal’s protest against Pathan, Pooja Bhatt said – riot, Rahul Dholakia said – this is hooliganism

Seeing Bajrang Dal’s protest against Pathan : The Bajrang Dal team protesting against the film Pathan protested and vandalised a mall in Gujarat. Now the people of Bollywood have raised their voice against it. Expressing anger, Pooja Bhatt has told the difference between Protest and riot, while Rahul Dholakia has called it hooliganism and nuisance.

Seeing Bajrang Dal’s protest against Pathan, Pooja Bhatt said – riot

Pooja Bhatt is famous for her outspoken style and this time she has said a lot against Bajrang Dal protesting against the film ‘Pathan’. Pooja Bhatt believes that the outrage that started against Deepika Padukone’s saffron bikini in the song ‘Besharam Rang’ from the film ‘Pathan’ has now turned into a riot. Pooja Bhatt, who has been very honest in her stand on social and political issues, has put forth a bold and unabashed opinion against Bajrang Dal, who have recently protested against the film. Pooja Bhatt, while discussing this performance of Bajrang Dal, has also explained the difference between Protest and Riots. Apart from this, Rahul Dholakia, who directed Shah Rukh Khan in the film ‘Raees’, has also come out in support of the actor. He has also expressed his displeasure over this protest.

Pooja Bhatt lashes out at Bajrang Dal’s Pathan Protest video

The protest against the film ‘Pathan’ is currently at its peak across the country. In the film’s first song ‘Besharam Rang’, Deepika Padukone’s orange bikini was declared as saffron bikini and people objected to her moves. Saying that this song hurts religious sentiments, there is a lot of protest in different parts of the country and there was a lot of vandalism in many places. Recently, a large number of Bajrang Dal members protested against the film Pathan by entering inside a mall in Karnavati area in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. In anger, these people have vandalised a lot inside the mall. A video of this incident has also been tweeted by ANI. Pooja Bhatt has vented her anger against Bajrang Dal after seeing this video and has also told the difference between Protest and riots on this pretext.

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Retweeting this video, Pooja Bhatt wrote,

‘Protest’ is a systematic demonstration by the public of not agreeing with a law, policy, idea or a situation. Riot – Disruption of the peace by a crowd coming together in a disorderly manner to commit violence or disturbance with a particular object, so as to cause fear among the people.’

Many people supported and some listened

Many people have also expressed their consent on this tweet and displeasure of Pooja. People have said that the police should investigate the matter as to who these people were. One user has said – There was no need for this extra free promotion. In the beginning it is clear from the promo itself that what kind of film it is, it is better to watch Avatar 2 for the second time as well. However, there are many people who have vented their anger on Pooja Bhatt only.

Rahul Dholakia also said – this is hooliganism

Rahul Dholakia has also expressed his displeasure by tweeting. He has written, ‘This is not called Protest, it is hooliganism and nuisance.’ Following the instructions of the board, many scenes and dialogues from the film have been reworked. It is reported that scissors have been used on about 10 scenes of the film. However, in the reports that have come so far, it has been said that the saffron bikini scene of the film has been retained as it is. However, the latest reports also claim that the YRF team is mulling over the decision to delete the scene.

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