Ranbir Kapoor: Fans gave a special surprise to the birthday

Ranbir Kapoor: Fans gave a special surprise to the birthday boy, someone cut a cake from Ranbir and someone took a selfie.
Ranbir Kapoor, the prince of the Kapoor family, is currently making headlines with his film ‘Brahmastra’. After the first film with Alia hit the box office, Ranbir’s happiness is not there. Ranbir Kapoor’s fans are spread across the country. Despite being married, even today, lakhs of girls are falling in love with Ranbir. Everyone’s favorite Ranbir is celebrating his 40th birthday today.

Ranbir Kapoor: Fans gave a special surprise to the birthday

It is a special day for the actor as well as his fans. He was eagerly waiting for Ranbir outside his house to make the actor’s day more special. The actor was given many surprises by his fans on his birthday, the video of which is going viral on social media.

It’s Ranbir Kapoor’s birthday today and on this occasion, the actor’s fans were standing outside his house staring at him from early morning. His fans were eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of Ranbir. Every person standing outside his house just wanted to wish his favorite artist on his birthday. After a long wait, finally when Ranbir left the house sitting in the car with Alia, a crowd of fans gathered to meet him.

All the fans present were engaged in the effort to make the actor’s day in their own different ways. When someone arrived there with a cake, someone showed up to take a picture with the actor. Ranbir also did not disappoint anyone and the actor came to make his day there. Ranbir Kapoor was very happy to see the love of his fans.
Ranbir stopped the car and met everyone. Someone took a photo with the actor, and someone cut the birthday cake. Alia was also sitting in the car admiring her husband’s fans with great love.

Alia did a special look

Alia Bhatt wished her husband Ranbir Kapoor on social media. The actress shared an unseen picture of Ranbir on her Instagram handle. Ranbir is standing alone in this photo and it looks like the photo is from someone’s party. This is a Polaroid photo that Alia has held in her hand and then shared the photo on Instagram.

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