No one will mess with Sonakshi Sinha, the actress was seen stirring in a dazzling style

No one will mess with Sonakshi Sinha Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha is quite famous for her impeccable style. Soon Sonakshi will be seen in actor Riteish Deshmukh’s show – Case To Banata Hai to promote her upcoming film Double Axle.

No one will mess with Sonakshi Sinha, the actress was seen stirring in a dazzling style

Sonakshi Sinha, one of the most powerful actresses of Bollywood, is famous for her Dabang style. Sonakshi Sinha’s attitude in an impeccable style is worth watching. Sonakshi Sinha’s latest video has surfaced, in which Sonakshi is seen stirring up those who mess with her in her style. This video of him is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Dabang style of actress

Sonakshi Sinha has shared a video on her official Instagram handle. In this video, Sonakshi is seen saying that she has worked with big dabangs and robbers. The fate of those who mess with me is about to explode. This video of Sonakshi Sinha is a promo of Riteish Deshmukh’s comedy show – Kes Toh Bana Hai. Sonakshi is going to attend the show soon.

Sonakshi slapped

This show is famous for slamming the celebs, but Sonakshi has reversed the cast of the show. Which you can guess by watching this video.

In the promo you will see that Sonakshi is showing her attitude one by one to all the members of the show. At the same time, when an actor did not feel afraid of Dabang’s slap, Sahab hit the dialogue, then he gave a really loud slap to the poor man. Those who could see it were sweating.

where to watch the show

This video of Sonakshi Sinha is being well-liked on social media. Fans have liked this killer style of Sona. You can watch the episode of Sonakshi Sinha in Kes Toh Bana show for free on Amazon Mini TV app. Let us tell you that Sonakshi Sinha is going to be seen with Huma Qureshi in the film Double Axle.

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