LTTE will be freed soon – Sri Lanka PM best

LTTE will be freed soon

Petrol price Today

Petrol price Today – 09 Oct 2022- Stay tuned to this link to know all the news happening today!

There is no change in petrol and diesel prices in Chennai. Today in Chennai one liter of petrol is Rs.102.63 per liter and diesel price is Rs. Also sold at 94.24 paise.

LTTE will be freed soon

Thanks mani sir

Thank you to all the fans who made Ponni’s Selvan a success. I have to thank director Mani Ratnam again and again. Everyone is eagerly waiting for Ponni’s Selvan 2 to come.

Shiv Sena Party’s symbol is frozen

The Election Commission of India has banned Shiv Sena’s ‘bow and arrow’ symbol. Eknath Shinde and Uddhav Thackeray’s teams have been suspended as they claim the symbol separately.

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