Leopard death: Forest Department letter to Speaker seeking permission to probe Rabindranath MP

Leopard death

The forest department has written to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha to investigate the ADMK MP Rabindranath MP regarding the death of a leopard near Periyakulam, Then district.

Leopard death

At Kailasapatti near Periyakulam, Theni district, there is a garden owned by Rabindranath, son of O. Panneerselvam and MP from Theni Lok Sabha constituency. Last month, a leopard got stuck in a solar-powered fence set up in this garden and escaped after attacking forest officials who went to rescue it.

Leopard death

Subsequently, the next day, a leopard got caught in the solar electric fence and died in the same garden. The issue of the death of the leopard is a matter of great controversy. Following this, the forest department arrested a man who had set up a sheep pen in Rabindranath’s estate and two of Rabindranath’s managers.

DMK Theni North District Secretary Thanga Tamilchelvan

In this case, DMK Theni North District Secretary Thanga Tamilchelvan and Periyakulam MLA Saravanakumar filed a complaint with Theni District Forest Officer Samrutha to take action against Theni Constituency MP Rabindranath.

Leopard death

In the complaint, they demanded action against the owner of the estate, Rabindranath, in connection with the death of the leopard.

Leopard death

Meanwhile, the Forest Department has sent a letter to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha seeking permission to conduct an inquiry into the matter of the leopard’s death, as the owner of the plantation, Rabindranath, is an MP.

Leopard death

There are reports that the forest department is planning to file a case against Rabindranath after the investigation. Three people have already been arrested in connection with the death of a leopard that got caught in the electric fence of the plantation owned by Rabindranath.

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