I am the winner of Bigg Boss.. They did this as they wanted: Inaya Sultana’s agony

I am the winner of Bigg Boss : But it happened but.. Inaya Sultana’s elimination from the Bigg Boss house feels good for her. Even if Inaya Sultana had heard or run, she would not have received this level of support. But after she was unjustly evicted from the Bigg Boss house, Inaya Sultana became the trending list all over the country.

I am the winner of Bigg Boss.. They did this as they wanted

I went to the Bigg Boss house to become the winner.. But I was eliminated.. Bigg Boss season 6 lady tiger Inaya Sultana says that whoever is the winner is unnecessary for her. Inaya Sultana, who fell victim to Bigg Boss management’s quota, was unfairly eliminated and sent out. But a big war is going on on Twitter over Inaya’s elimination. The hashtag “Inaya Unfair Elimination” is trending all over the country and Bigg Boss lovers have supported Inaya.

But Inaya Sultana says that even if she is eliminated, she is still the winner. After the elimination, Inaya said.. ‘I went to be the winner. So happy because I became a winner in the eyes of people. No one can believe that I have been eliminated.. They say it is unfair elimination. I don’t know anything.. They said just elimination. Very sad. I wanted to be in the grand finale but.. it was very sad to be eliminated earlier. I thought that I will be on the stage in the finale.. I will raise my hand as winner or runner.

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I went to Bigg Boss house with self confidence. I entered the Bigg Boss house as a common girl without any craze. But the audience supported me very well. After seeing the support of so many people, there is no feeling of alas. I feel very happy to be loved by them.

I don’t understand the reason why I got eliminated. Don’t even know why they were eliminated. Overall the Bigg Boss experience was an indescribable experience. The freedom found in Bigg Boss is nowhere to be found. Everyone thinks.. Bigg Boss is meant to be in one place. But there is an immediate opportunity to point out the mistake. It is not found in outside life. If there is a mistake, it can be washed away.. it can be corrected. Bigg Boss is a good platform to project yourself.

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I expected friendship from many people in the house, but they were not close to me. The first three weeks were very far away. They didn’t meet at all.. They would change the topic when I went.. They would talk again after I left. That’s when I felt alone. I have developed self-confidence that I am myself.

Faima is my best connected friend in the house. Even though there were fights between us.. we met again. Faima followed by Surya. Sreehan is a good actor in Bigg Boss house.. he is still acting well. It was visible to everyone.. We used to know his acting even in the house. Nagarjuna sir has not said many times about his acting. He showed all the shades that should be shown in the house as well. But he wants to win. Even if I wanted to be the winner.. I didn’t, so what if anyone is the winner? I couldn’t believe that my mom came for me when I was in the Bigg Boss house. Because I know how much she has to fight to get there for me. But she fought for me. Inaya Sultana said that I am indebted to the audience.

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