Humans can do agriculture on the moon’ – Mayilsamy Annadurai Best

Humans can do agriculture on the moon

Scientist Mailsamy Annadurai

Scientist Mailsamy Annadurai says that humans can settle on the moon and do agriculture there

Humans can do agriculture on the moon

Scientist Mylaswamy Annadurai was the special guest at the Care Education Institute function at Andal Street, Trichy.

Speaking among the students at that time, he said, “We can do agriculture on the moon.” He continued, “Nowadays, the world is full of competition.

Apart from higher studies, competitive exams are a necessity even for getting a job. Therefore, our Tamil Nadu students will be able to advance at the Indian level only by doing the necessary training and initiatives.

Humans can do agriculture on the moon

It is true that Neil Armstrong and others set foot on the moon in 1969. This proved that humans can go to the moon and space.

In the current modern age of technology we can see staying in space for several months. Similarly, the period of settlement on the moon will soon come.

The discovery of water

The discovery of water on the moon is considered a very important discovery. This would enable a temporary space station to be permanently established on the moon. Humans can settle there and do agriculture,” he said

A large number of students and teachers from Care Training School Muthamil participated in this program.

Journalist K. Shanmugavadivel

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