General Committee to Enlightenment: Stalin Who Forgot Hunger; Flexible managers

General Committee to Enlightenment

It was 2.15 am. If he had thought, he could have eaten at home, rested for a while and come to the university even in the evening. But the visit to the institute, which goes without saying that the head office is the home of the head office, has created resilience among the head office administrators.

General Committee to Enlightenment

The General Assembly chose Chief Minister Stalin as the great leader of this century who was elected as the President for the second time in the General Assembly. After the completion of the General Assembly, he went directly to pay homage to the pioneers of Father Periyar, Guru Anna, Muthamij scholar and artist and directly visited the association’s head office, Anna Vidhalayam.

General Committee to Enlightenment

Returning from the General Assembly, Head Office Secretaries Poochy S. Murugan, Port Gaja, Press Secretary TKS Elangovan, Head Office Executives, Volunteer Executives, Area Club Executives and Academic staff to welcome the President to the President.  were waiting The Commander was pleased to be the first person to greet the President on his visit to the institute, accompanied by the Deputy General Secretaries and the waiting HQ executives.

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