Ekta KapoorChya Adachneet Wad; Courtann Issued Keen Stuck Warrant

Ekta KapoorChya Adachneet Wad; Courtann Issued Keen Stuck Warrant
Ekta Kapoor and Tanya IiVocation Courtann Stuck Warrant issued

Ekta KapoorChya Adachneet Wad; Courtann Issued Keen Stuck Warrant

Ekta Kapoor: Producer Ekta Kapoor or Nehmeech Kontya na Kontya karne karne karne chaat asat. Only now Ekta and Tianchi came, Shobha Kapoor (Shobha Kapoor). Yamule Ekta Kapoor yancha adchanit wadh jhali ahe. Begusarai-Yethil Court has issued a warrant issued against Unity. Eka web series (web series) disputed scenes in court, Ekta Kapoor litigated against stuck warrant issued only.

BiharMadhil Begusarai Yetil Court has issued Ekta Kapoor and Tianchi I Shobha Kapoor and the anti-attack warrant issued. Hey Warrant Ekta Kapoor Yanchya XXX (XXX Season-2) web series, in the middle of the Sainikanchaya wife, the objections about the scenes, the opposition entry, kelayya khatlyat kadhanyat aaan aahe. Begusarai Judicial Magistrate Vikas Kumar Yanchya Courtatoon Hey warrant has been issued.

‘Triple X Season 2’ or web series like Ekta Kapoor or Adchani Wadhalya hurt. Or maliket 2 soldier’s wife’s convulsions. Jevha soldier tyanchya kamavar jaat tevha tyanchaya wife dusya purushasobat physical relationship thevat, asam or web series middle of the story. June 6, 2020 Roji Majhi soldier Shambhu Kumar Yanchya Watene Yababat court dispute letter would have come to the entrance. Yaabat itihi ji-maji soldiers, anger, asoon tyanchya vatine quarrel letter denyaat aaan aahe.

Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor Yanna or episode February 2021 Rosi Hajar Rahanyasathi would have come to the attention of Bajavanyat. Maji sainkanchya vatine court dispute letter filed karoon objection ghenyat alyache or khatlyat baju mandananya vakilani sangitle. Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor have come forward to oppose the warrant issued against them. Advocate Hrishikesh Pathak i.e. Sangitle has come under 524/C 2020. Now the magistrate’s court has issued a stuck warrant.

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