Deepika Padukone showed glamorous look with gun, John-Shahrukh impressed

Deepika Padukone showed glamorous look with gun : Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham have released 4 new posters of the upcoming film ‘Pathan’. Different looks of Shah Rukh, Deepika and John are being seen in three posters, while in one poster the looks of all three have been merged. Sharing these four posters of the film, Shahrukh told that the trailer of ‘Pathan’ will be out on January 10. Sharing the combine poster, he wrote, ‘Thank you for waiting… now come to the party of Pathan’.. Pathan’s trailer will be released tomorrow at 11 am.

Deepika Padukone showed glamorous look with gun

Shahrukh Khan further wrote, ‘Enjoy Pathan in your nearest theaters on 25th January with the 50th year of Yash Raj Films. The film will be released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. After this, he shared the solo poster of John Abraham and wrote, “Milte hai Maidan Par… Maza aayega.” John looks quite aggressive in the poster. He has a machine gun in his hand.

Deepika Padukone showed glamor with a gun

At the same time, Shah Rukh Khan has also shared a glamorous poster of Deepika Padukone Pathan look. Sharing this poster, he wrote, ‘He too is on a mission. You will know more in the trailer of Pathan coming tomorrow at 11 am. In the poster, Deepika can be seen in a blue backless outfit. Both hands

Apart from these, Shah Rukh Khan (Shahrukh Khan Pathan Look) has also shared his solo poster from ‘Pathan’. Shahrukh is looking very aggressive in this poster. He is covered in blood. He is handcuffed and has a gun in his hand. Sharing his solo poster, he wrote, “The mission is about to begin…the trailer of Pathan is coming.”

pathan release date

Seeing the posters of Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham, the excitement among the fans has increased further. Fans are praising the look of all three. Let me tell you, this film will be released in theaters on January 25. The film is directed by Siddharth Anand. Fans are eagerly waiting for this action-packed film.

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