Bigg Boss Tamil: Contestants arrive at star hotel; Is this the final list? Best

Bigg Boss Tamil

Bigg Boss Tamil

The promo mentions that Bigg Boss will be available 24 hours a day on Disney + Hudstar from this season.

As the 6th season of Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss is all set to start on Sunday (October 09), it has been reported that all the contestants have arrived at a star hotel in Chennai.

Bigg Boss has been running on Vijay TV since 2017. Hosted by leading actor Kamal Haasan, Bigg Boss 6th season is going to start on October 9 (the day after tomorrow) while the show has completed 5 seasons so far.

Bigg Boss Tamil

It is said that more than 20 contestants are going to participate in this season of Bigg Boss, which is full of fights and conflicts. Especially since it has been reported that a few people who are not popular among the people are going to participate in the event, the expectation of the event has increased.

The promo mentions that while the previous seasons were only telecast for one hour on Vijay TV, this season will be available for 24 hours on Disney + Hudstar. Meanwhile, the contestants who are going to participate in the competition have been quarantined in a star hotel in Chennai the day before yesterday.

It has been revealed that in this list of participants, model Sherina from Chennai, VJ Janani from Sri Lanka, ATK from Malaysia are the main competitors. Also, Vijay TV had announced that those who are interested in participating in the Bigg Boss show can record and publish the reason why as a video from which the contestants will be selected.

Bigg Boss Tamil

It has been reported that thousands of people have registered their reasons why they want to participate in the Bigg Boss show to take advantage of this opportunity and from that few people have been selected.

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