Aamir is not my husband… first husband should come back : Bhavani’s wish

Aamir is not my husband

Aamir Bhavani

While getting close to choreographer Aamir Bhavani, the two were said to be in love.

Aamir is not my husband

2012 Bollywood film Lakin

Bhavani Reddy made her debut in the film industry with the 2012 Bollywood film Lakin. After that, he acted in some films in Tamil Telugu and in 2015, he became famous by acting in Vijay TV’s Redtai Wal Kuruvi serial. In the same year, she acted as the heroine in the Sun TV serial ‘Pasamalar’.

Bhavani Reddy and Telugu actor Pradeep Kumar fell in love while acting in the serial ‘Pasamalar’ and tied the knot on Valentine’s Day 2017. But in the next 3 months (May 2017) Pradeep committed suicide. Bhavani Reddy was then mentally and physically affected and recovered from it after a few years.

Aamir is not my husband


Meanwhile, he participated as a contestant in the 5th season of Bigg Boss last year. Aamir became close to Bhavani, the choreographer on the show, and the two were said to be in love. And Aamir was also proposing love to Bhavani. After the Bigg Boss show, both of them made their debut as a couple in ‘BB Jodi Season 2’.

BB Couples 2

Both of them who performed well in this won the title of ‘BB Couples 2’, after which it was said that they are actually dating and Bhavani accepted Aamir’s proposal. In a recent TV show, the actress was asked what is the one thing she loves about her current life from the past.

Bhavani responded without

Bhavani responded without any hesitation and said that she wishes her late husband to come back and wishes that he is alive now. At the same time, Aamir warned her not to take her answer as her second husband. Bhavani, 34, said that she is now in a happy relationship with Aamir and that it is the best thing that has happened in her life.

Aamir is not my husband

With her response now going viral on the internet, netizens are commenting that her frankness and love for her late husband are surprising.

Malli Modelindi

Bhavani is currently acting as the female lead in two Telugu films ‘Malli Modelindi’ and ‘Kudumba Matter’. Aamir is also said to be in talks to star in a new Tamil/Telugu film.

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